Susanna Hill’s 2022 Valentiny Contest

by Lori Himmel

Baby Bear snuggles deep in Mama’s fur.
Her warmth wraps Baby Bear like a blanket.
Light creeps in through a crack in the cave
Mama yawns, stretches,
and Baby Bear rolls out of the way, giving her space.

He knows what day it is.
They awake from their slumber
for just for a few moments
Love surrounds them
even more than yesterday,
if it is even possible.

The light shines through a bit brighter,
bouncing off the walls of the cave
giving the bears a bolt of sunlight
Baby Bear coos.
He paws the rock rubble, up, down
but it doesn’t look right.

Baby Bear grumbles.
He tries again.
Paws the rock rubble,
left side, then the right
That’s right!
A shape that means love.

Mama first pawed a heart shape in the rock rubble
when Baby Bear was born
Left side, then the right
in a shape that means love.

Baby Bear gently paws at Mama’s back.
Mama nuzzles her nose on Baby’s chest.
Mama beams like the sun, eyes sparkling
for her Baby Bear knows how to show love
on Valentine’s Day.

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