Treasured Picture Books

My critique group, appropriately named the PBJs (Picture Book Junkies), talks about, reviews and studies picture books. All. The. Time. Every week we bring books to the table and we learn from and drool over the fact that we are holding years of effort, sweat, and love. In early December we have our annual ChristmasContinue reading “Treasured Picture Books”


The Contest: write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children, using the words potion, cobweb, and trick.  So grateful to announce that my entry was an honorable mention for unique character! THE VERY HAUNTED HOUSE 100 words House worked for days decorating herself for Halloween. She mixed up bubbly potions in the kitchen and watched them ooze to theContinue reading “Honorable Mention – SUSANNA HILL’S 2019 HALLOWEENSIE CONTEST”