#50 Precious Words Writing Challenge

SUNSHINE By Lori Himmel 50 words You whispered me awake, “sunshine.” Flipped pancakes, poured my juice, so kind. Held my hand on the way to school. Reminded me of the “golden rule.” “Oops!” I dropped a plate, so sad. Hugged me tight and didn’t get mad. Read my favorite books in bed. “Goodnight, my littleContinue reading “#50 Precious Words Writing Challenge”

2019 Valentiny Contest

Susanna Leonard Hill, Children’s Author is hosting Oh, Guilty Heart! – The 4th Annual Valentiny Writing Contest! . The rules are: write a 214-word Valentine story appropriate for children in which someone feels guilty. Here is my 212-word entry: MIMI’S MIXED-UP VALENTINE “Leave the cards alone, Charles!” Mimi roared at her brother. Charles mixed up Mimi’s Valentine’s DayContinue reading “2019 Valentiny Contest”