My one -year diary turned into a five-year diary. Why limit myself to just one year? One day I couldn’t find the little key, so I had to cut the side to open it! It was no longer safe.

I received my first diary when I was six years old. It was pink and had a fancy little lock on it. My first entry was about catching ladybugs and how many I collected, but my favorite entry was about my future husband! When I was 10-years old, I met a cute boy at a water park (we grew up only ten minutes from each other). Later that night I wrote about him in my diary- how he had black curly hair and striking blue eyes, and how he wore red swim trunks. Flash forward nine years and a friend introduced the two of us. We started dating and later in our relationship he showed me his ‘baby’ book. One of the pictures was of him wearing red swim trunks! He was that cute boy I met at the water park!

When I was little, I pretended I was an editor for The New York Times and I would write reviews of my own made-up books. I loved making little books and writing poetry. My mom kept me busy with crafts of all kinds. It wasn’t a surprise that art and writing were some of my favorite classes in school.

I finished college with a B.S. in elementary education. I spent countless hours with kids in daycare settings and schools. My favorite time of day with the kids was story-time.  It was always fun for me to make up different voices for each of the characters, make faces, and be “in character.”  My goal as a 13-year-old was to be an actress, so whenever I could, I would act. Even reading stories.

I received my M.S.in instructional technology. That degree brought me to Colorado to work for a .com startup in the late ‘90s. I trained professors to use a management system to create their own online courses. I also created a train-the-trainer program chock-full of technical writing mumbo jumbo. Currently, I teach an after-school writing course for children through my Young Writer’s Workshop.

My kids

My husband and I enjoy taking our three little bears camping. We love exploring and being outdoors together! Colorado offers many of these amazing opportunities.

Our dog is a Great Bernese – half Great Pyrenees, half Bernese Mountain Dog. Look at how she’s grown. She is 75 lbs. She is helping me with my new story! She is a great writing pal.

Other things you should know about me:

I loved when my parents would read me:
*Could be Worse by James Stevenson
*The Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder
*The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton
*Fox Eyes by Margaret Wise Brown
*Three Friends Find Spring by Judy Delton

When I could read on my own, I devoured:
*Charolette’s Web by E.B. White
*Encyclopedia Brittanica (every volume)
*National Geographic magazines
*Funny pages (comics)
*Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
*Everything by Beverly Cleary
*Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret? by Judy Blume
*The Chocolate Touch by Judy Blume
and more…

*I care about the Earth and I care about people.
*I only buy paper towels about three times a year.
*I eat a salad just about every day.
*I would eat dark chocolate every day if I just managed to keep enough around!
*I recycle and get a little obsessed if people don’t recycle correctly!
*Don’t get me started on loading the dishwasher!
*I compost.
*My husband and I have a Tesla and try to drive that vs. our Honda Pilot (still need it for camping).
*I love Pho soup and Pad Thai (our recipe).
*My favorite flower is the ranunculus.
*”Save early and often.” – quote from one of my grad school professors. Although everything saves automatically now. Thank goodness!
Writing is hard, but it’s one of my favorite things to do!

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