2017 RMC-SCBWI Golden Pen Finalists

Golden Pen Finalists This year at the Letters & Lines conference, faculty members selected ten outstanding manuscripts to be the Golden Pen Award finalists. The authors of these manuscripts not only have bragging rights but also the opportunity to be selected as the winner. One winner will be chosen by a committee of three judges. The winningContinue reading “2017 RMC-SCBWI Golden Pen Finalists”

2017 Halloweensie Contest

Susanna Leonard Hill, Children’s Author is hosting the 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest. The rules are: write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children using the words candy corn, monster, and shadow. Here is my entry: “Shadow! Shadow, where are you?” “Mom, have you seen Shadow?” “Check your room.” I scoop up a handful of candy corn and run upstairs.Continue reading “2017 Halloweensie Contest”