RULES: Write a story for children in 214-words or less about someone being brave.

By Lori Himmel
202 words

“I can’t wait to hear all your Valentine’s Day poems tomorrow,” announced Ms. Morris.
Juliet wanted to disappear like chocolate in a heart-shaped box.

At home, she stumbled over her already written words.
She tried again.
“Double UGH!”
“This isn’t working!”

Juliet climbed up to her treehouse crying raindrop-sized tears.
Just then, a paper airplane flew into the treehouse window.
There was something written inside.
“Be brave. I believe in you. Love, Mom”

Juliet calmed, dried her eyes, and practiced reciting her poem all afternoon.
She chewed her favorite blue candy in between lines.
Confidence began to burst in Juliet’s voice like cherry-filled chocolates.
“OK! I’ve got this!”

On Valentine’s Day, Sam raised his hand first.
Then Gwen, then Sara.
It was Juliet’s turn.

Still nervous, she began by saying:
“Writing a poem can be hard
especially when you’re shy
I wasn’t sure what to say
But I needed to give it a try

Here it goes.
Roses are red
Puppies are sweet
You may be hungry
So here is a treat

They’re all different colors
My favorite is blue
Guess what they are?
Yes, Fruity-Ka-chew!”

Whew, I did it!
Juliet popped more candy while passing out Fruity-Ka-chew Valentines to her class.


  1. Nancy Riley says:

    Very nice. Loved the paper airplane from Mom. I’m glad Juliet gathered her courage to recite in front of the class and she brought candy! Perfect. Good luck!

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