RMC-SCBWI Letters & Lines 2020

Covid-19 Pandemic took the world by storm. Every day we watch the news, trying to make sense of the numbers and the lack of federal response across our country (U.S.). Like everyone, our family spent the better part of spring and summer staying safe, wearing masks, staying socially distant from other people, and if we did get together with anyone, staying outside when possible. Trips were canceled and out-of-state families stayed put. But you know what happened flawlessly?

2020 RMC-SCBWI Letters & Lines conference

The Letters & Lines conference!

A major round of applause goes out to these lovely ladies:

Without their tireless work, the conference would not go on. And another round of applause to the faculty made up of authors, illustrators, agents, and editors!

I’m going to soak in all the great presentations, review my notes, polish more stories, and be on the lookout for links to presentations I missed. Thankfully, we have a month to listen to all the presentations, because you can’t be in two places at once, even on Zoom.

I’m grateful to have been in the same Zoom room as author Mitali Perkins, editor Megan Ilnitzki, author Nancy Turner Steveson, author Olivia Chadha, author/illustrator Pat Cummings, agent Aneeka Kaila, author Jean Reidy (winner of the Crystal Kite award 2020), and so many more. And a special congratulation goes out to one of my critique partners, Darcee Freier, who is a Golden Pen finalist! Her resume is growing and I’m so excited for her.

I don’t know if there was talk of a 2021 conference, but maybe I stepped away from the Zoom when it was announced. I’ll definitely be looking forward to it again next year. Until then, happy writing!

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