Mix ‘n Match Mini Writing Challenge

Susanna Leonard Hill always has amazing writing opportunities on her website. If you ever need a boost, hop on over to Susanna Leonard Hill and be amazed at her writing resources, contests, guides for teachers, and more! Every Monday, for seven weeks, Susanna will post a writing prompt. Writers will pick a character, setting, and a feeling in the Mix ‘n Match lists and write a story with 100 words of less. I hope you enter too!

Here is my entry:

Week #1:
I picked camel, school, jubilant. School is used in the story.
Zara means “blooming flower” in Arabic. 99 words

By Lori Himmel

Zara’s smile was bigger than her crayon box in art school.
But now, class was online.
Ms. Barbary organized calls for her students.

But Zara’s hooves fumbled on the keyboard.
Her drool slobbered the computer.
“Why can’t I go to class like before!” she cried.

Everyday she tried to log on.
“Dreaded dromedary!” she yelled.
Then, one day, feeling annoyed, Zara said,
“Computer! Open my class!”

Now Zara could see Ms. Barbary and her friends.
Zara dipped her brush and mixed colors.
Her smile was bigger than her canvas as she admired her
blooming flower painting!

Week #2:

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bear

By Lori Himmel

Little Bear’s (Ursa Minor) POV

142 words

Twinkle, twinkle!

I’m Little Bear, or to be more precise, Ursa Minor.

And some call me the Little Dipper.

I live in the sky next to my mom. She has many names too:

Big Bear, Ursa Major, or the Big Dipper.

She watches over for me.

This winter I was almost hunted by Orion, so we ran to the middle of the sky and hunkered down. Safe and sound.

I love my sky. Star friends twinkle hello everyday.

I can also see the Earth twinkle, twinkle lots of lights. 

Many lights in many places. Mom says those are cities.

I shine as brightly as I can, squeezing the light down for all to see.

But the Great Haze rests above Earth.

I hope people can still see me, twinkling up here.

Twinkle, twinkle Little Bear, my mom always says.

So I do.

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