img_3800I received my first diary when I was six years old. It was pink and had a fancy little lock on it. My first entry was about catching ladybugs and how many I collected, but my favorite entry was about my future husband! When I was 10-years old, I met a cute boy at a water park. Later that night I wrote about him in my diary about his hair and eye color and his red swim trunks. Flash forward 9 years and a friend introduced us. We started dating and he showed me his ‘baby’ book. One of the pictures was of him wearing red swim trunks on the beach. He was that cute boy I met at the water park!

When I was little, I pretended I was an editor for The New York Times and I would write reviews of my own made-up books.

I finished college with a B.S. in elementary education. I spent countless hours with kids in daycare settings and schools. My favorite time of day with the kids was story-time.  It was always fun for me to make up different voices for each of the characters, make faces, and be “in character.”  My goal as a 13-year-old was to be an actress, so part of that dream is actualized when I read or act out stories.

I received my M.S.in instructional technology. That degree brought me to Colorado to work for a .com startup in the late ‘90s. I trained professors to use a management system to create their own online courses. I also created a train-the-trainer program chock-full of technical writing mumbo jumbo. Currently, I teach an after-school writing course for children through my Young Writer’s Workshop.

I live with my amazingly, supportive husband, three kids, a Bernese Mountain Dog and a tortoiseshell cat in the Colorado foothills where beauty, wildlife, and mountains inspire me every day.


Update:  our sweet, June Carter, passed away on January 26, 2019, just short of four-years-old. One of the saddest days our family has experienced. Now you can run, pain-free, forever and ever, Junie Bear!





We have another fur baby that joined our family in June 2019. Her name is Luca. She is a Great Bernese – half Great Pyrenees, half Bernese Mountain Dog. She’s growing fast! She’s about 30 lbs and she’s 4 months old. Every day we have cuddle time. I want her to be a lap dog, even when she’s 90 lbs!  Here she is helping me with my new story!

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